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Eugenia S. Ware, Ph.D

Brief Bio and Professional Philosophy:

I am a psychologist specializing in children and families. I have been in practice for over thirty years. I share offices with my colleagues at Family Development Associates in Framingham.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Wellesley College, a Master’s Degree from Harvard University, and a Doctorate from the University of Virginia. I hold dual licenses as a Psychologist and as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

I typically work with young children, adolescents, and families, although I do take some individual adult clients on a case-by-case basis. I specialize in helping individuals and families in transition such as coping with a death, divorce, life and developmental changes. This includes working with people for divorce and bereavement counseling, support around anxiety and depression, and general parenting education and guidance.

My general philosophy as a mental health professional is as follows:

*The vast majority of people and families are well-meaning and are trying the best they can to cope and to raise their children. I tend not to pathologize and blame. When I examine the whole picture, most often people’s behavior makes sense, although their solutions may not be the most effective.

* I am concerned about our culture’s fast-paced life style, which I do not believe is healthy, particularly for children. I am a believer in what I call, “The Fine Wine Theory of Child Development”—Children’s development should not be rushed; rather, a slow, careful aging in the long run produces a healthier, more adaptable person.

*Generally, I work from an attachment theory perspective in my clinical work.
Relationships between children and parents are ongoing and evolve over the lifespan, even in death. Making connections and evolving ways to stay connected in healthy, developmentally appropriate ways are overarching life tasks.

*Finally, I believe that it is critical to communicate and coordinate care with any other mental health and/or medical professionals involved in a child’s or family’s care. Family helpers need to be on the same page.

I am available for both day (Wednesday and Thursday) and evening (Wednesday) appointments. I am a Blue Cross/Blue Shield provider and have a sliding scale. I would be happy to talk with you by phone or in person. Thanks very much for your consideration.

Family Development Associates
40 Speen St.
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